Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RBC - Session 15 and 16

Session 15: 11-03-2011

It's the second month benchmark day. How well did I do..? Well, managed to reduce my time to 13 mins and 56 secs for the first part and 13 mins and 45 secs for the 1.6km run. Not bad... Not bad... ;-)

Session 16: 14-03-2011

It's raining drizzly when we arrived at the field. So, mud spa day it is.. We're divided into our group today based from the benchmark result and I'm in Sea|! H00yah! ;-)

So, there were 3 stations today.
The first one involved sandbags. We did push up, mountatin climbing and chest press (hold the sandbag in front of you and pull it up to your chin). We did 6 reps each.
Next station, composition/progression of superman get ups/run. First round was one superman get ups and run, next increase to 2 superman get ups and run, then increase some more until 5 superman get ups then back to 4, then to 3 and so on.. Then change to grunts/run. Repeat the same thing... Team up with Azah and Cherri3..
Next station involved rifle. We held it on top of the head and do the and knee down and up, run for 5 steps (the mark is when we reached the cone - there're 5 cones all together) and repeat. Next change to sit ups with the rifle. Repeat the same thing.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

RBC - Session 13 and 14

Session 13: 07-03-2011

The starting of month number 2..

It was an easy session today.. Just doing some intervals of sit ups, kicks, scissors sit ups, and then run towards the basketball court - almost 100m back and forth (as they always say, it's the recovery run). Then come back, and do stutter squats, squats, jumping jack and run again. Next, push ups, grasshopper push ups, slide push ups and again, run..

Since bootcamp promotes working in a team, we had to make sure that all of us are at the same pace. During the running, if there's people left behind, we need to bounce back and get them. Push them harder so that they (we) can just ignore the pain and deal with it - finish that 1-hour session.

Macam tu lah perasaan aku tetiap hari yang ada bootcamp. Tetiap pagi mesti kecut perut fikir apa kena buat hari ni.. Datang awal tengok group 5:45 buat apa. Kalau nampak kon jauh-jauh, confirm ada berlari. Tapi tu lah, the fun part it, bila dah habis sejam tu, rasa puas hati sangat. Survive jugak akhirnya torture session ni... :-)

Session 14: 09-03-2011

Are we allowed to run on the overhead crossing? We did that 4-5 rounds I think.. That's the first half of the workout session. Up and down the stairs a few times, then run across (run and lunges) then run and up the stairs at the other end..

Bum bam bum bam kat atas tu. Selisih dengan parents dgn budak-budak sekolah yang nak pergi sekolah. Nasib baik pagi gelap, so takdelah rasanya orang dalam kereta nampak kitorg buat apa kat tepi jalan ni. rasa macam banduan terlepas/banduan tengah buat workout pun ada.. :-p

Then after 60 secs water break, we did variations of squats (pulse, stutter, sumo, etc) while waiting for turn to flip the truck tire and the sandbags and the push ups..

Oh and all together 30 grunts today because the new recruits walked - we're suppose to run all the time (run for water break, run to rank, etc), and also because someone came late and not wearing the t-shirts.. Well, we're a team, so tak kiralah sape buat salah, semua kena, OK? Hooyah! :-p

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Monday, April 04, 2011

RBC - Session 11 and 12

Session 11: 02-03-2011

We had 2 sets of workout today.

The first one we started with 30 push ups, then run for 100m. Then straight away 30 grunts, then run again. Then 30 sit ups, then run again. Repeat that until Sarge said, "Steady!". And water break for 2 minute..

Next, 30 gorilla push ups, run. 30 squats, run. 30 monk sit ups, run. Repeat sampai lembik until "Steady!"

Seriously I hate running on the field. It's more tiring because of the uneven surface and because the legs were already like jelly after the grunts and everything. I still couldn't figure out why they call it as recovery run. I couldn't even feel my legs after that.


Session 12: 04-03-2011

We had 4 stations today.

First station: 10 superman get ups, 10 sit up stand ups, then run to the second station (around 50m of running)

Second station: One big leap, then bear crawl for 20m, frog jump for 20m, leopard crawl for 20m, then run to the third station.

Third station: Run to get 2 sand bags around 50m away from the base station and run back to the base with the sandbags. Put the sandbags down and run to the forth station.

Forth station: Run a few steps and do 2 push ups, run again and another 2 push ups and again run with 2 push ups. (After 3 rounds, they changed to sit ups for another 3 rounds, and then lunges).

And repeat........

Tiring man! Urgh! But we survived and couldn't wait to come back for some more.. :-p

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

RBC - Session 10


Survived Monday!

We did relays of squat, deep squat and run. Then jackknife and sit up and run. Then push up, table top and run again. Then squat, jumping jack and run. Last one is mountain climbing, grunt and the final run. Repeat this a few times for almost 50 minutes until you hear the word, "Steady!" It feels like forever!

The running was actually around the field, so it was 200m running. Crazy! And they called it "recovery run". How is it recovering? I don't know. Legs felt like jelly, but I kept on telling myself, "I can do this!". I looked at Suaran and gosh this woman, she's older than I am but she can run so steadily. Seriously malu kalau tak dapat catch up with her.

The first one was the hardest because it involved squatting. Thighs were sooo tired. They actually harden! Then straight away after that, they asked you to run. Urgh, the pain!! The second one - jackknife and sit up, were OK. For me, this would be my recovery - because of the sit up. I did better in my push ups now, so not really a problem if I had to run after that because push ups focus on the upper body. If they asked me to do squat and jumping jack ONLY, that would not be a problem, BUT when you had to run after that, urgh! And the fifth one, erm.. I think I love grunts now... Because we do that almost in every session. :-p

Can't believe that it's been almost 1 month already.. So proud.. ;-)

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Monday, March 28, 2011

RBC - Session 9


It's Bring-A-Friend day today.. Asked a few friends but as after they know what I always do in bootcamp, straight away it's a "no-no" from them. How disappointing.. :-(

But the night before bootcamp, T|ni messaged me in FB saying that she's interested. Finally! I've a friend to bring with me. Hehe..

So, today we did 10 variations of exercise. I think it's not really that challenging because there're new people and they're not used to high intensity training. The set includes:

1. Squat halfway on the truck tire (then after a few sets of this, we did push up with toes on the tire)
2. Jumping jack
3. Push up
4. Sit up
5. Squat with sandbag
6. Push and pull with riffle (it's a chest and shoulder press workout)
7. Shoulder press with jerry can half-filled with water.
8. Run back and forth (I think almost 50m) while carrying bazooka (big water pipe) filled with water. And it's not stable, so I was really struggling with it.
9. Plank
10. Flip truck tire

And repeat this until time's up..

They put one friend in each group. So there're 9-10 groups and I was with Kama| and Eugine (Pet3r's son). Surprisingly he did really well despite he's new to this. Probably because he's still young with lots of energy and he plays football.. Kama| as usual - lots of drama. But he did well with tire. I guess, it's his favorite.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RBC - Session 8


So today we did variations of push ups, grunts, sit ups with sandbags. Every time after we finished the repetition (we did 6 repetitions each) we had to run around the field, which is around 200m.

I've been pushed so hard today by Sarge and the Corporals. Sarge Jas0n actually timed my runnings every single lap and he expected me to be better in the next lap. They really pushed me! He even said that I ran so slow that it looked like I was in my comfort zone! I did not! My legs were like jelly! Imagine doing push ups, grunts and sit ups and up you go, straight away run like crazy. Can you imagine yourself doing that??

Well, in Rebel, we have no choice but have to keep pushing ourselves. And you know what? I didn't know my strength that I managed to run 200m in 1min and 18secs STRAIGHT AWAY AFTER a series of 6 push ups and 6 sit ups WITH sandbag!

That's how powerful RBC is! It helps you to tune your mind. Instead of thinking, "No, I can't", "No, I'm in pain", "I cannot do this anymore", tune this thoughts into, "Yes, I can!", "Pain is just temporary. It'll go away after this", "Prove to yourself that you're not a jelly", "Try harder".

Believe me. It's all in your mind..

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Monday, March 21, 2011

RBC - Session 6 and 7

Session 6: 18-02-2011

Forgot to take note of what we did today. But something with sandbags and rifles and superman get ups, jumping jack, skiing.


Session 7: 21-02-2011

We did repetitions of jumping jack, grunts, push ups, sit up, get up and down again, superman get ups, sit ups, plank, side plank, mountain climbing and running.

I've just found out that what we did was actually called tabata training.

Tabata training is when you do intense workout non-stop for 20 secs and rest for 10 secs. Repeat that interval for 5 minutes, followed by recovery run. I'm still confused about the term they use. "Recovery run"?? Running for me is not recovery. :-p Not at all! Mentally and physically tired, I just followed their order. Have to keep that strong mind. Think we can and we can do it! They asked us to run, so we run.. And we have to keep that team spirit. If you lead the pack, you have to bounce back and go to the last person of the pack and run with them. Urgh. Seriously tiring.

We just have to push ourselves harder. It's hard to start doing something unless you pushed yourself to maximum limit. Your body CAN do that. It's just your mind telling you that you cannot do it (or you're tired, or whatever reasons that come to your mind). It's just in your head.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RBC - Session 5


We're divided into 4 teams today. I had fun with my team (Kak Zak|ah and P3ter). Great job guys! (Although I hope that they didn't sprint because I still need to catch up with my breathing. :-p)

We had relays of run-push ups-run-push ups, sit ups, and rest. I think I can feel my stamina is getting better. I don't normally run that fast, but I think I did well in this session. Again, sit ups are OK. I love sit ups. But still struggling with push ups. It needs upper body strength.

They showed us 2 different pose that we can do. The normal one with the toes and the modified one with the knees. Did the modified one but I'm not really satisfied with what I did. It's sooo hard to bring myself up. My arms were shivering. Why is it so hard!! Must.Try.Harder. I know I can do it.

So this is my mission.

After 3 months, I should must make sure I can do normal push ups. Biceps, please try. Brain, please block any negative thoughts. You can do this!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

RBC - Session 4


It's Va|entine's Day. But what did we do..? Benchmark!!

What is benchmark? Well, basically it includes 2 sets of timed session that we have to do to check our fitness level. In the first set, this is what we have to do:


1. 2 rounds of 200m
2. 10 push ups (15 if you're doing it on your knees)
3. 10 grunts
4. 15 sit ups (20 if at any point, the Staff or Sarge need to hold your feet or assist you)

Repeat this 3 times.


Second set is to run 8 rounds of 200m = 1.6km.

As much as I love running, I hate it when it has to be done in a muddy wet field! And with intervals of push ups, sit ups and grunts. Urgh!! Out of breath! Just for the record, I did around 16 min 47 sec (I think) for the first part and for the 1.6km run I made it at 15 min 42 sec (I think) *I'll check with the Staff later but approximately around that lah*

Hope it'll improve in the second benchmark test. H00yah!

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Friday, March 04, 2011

RBC - Session 3


Brought a new recruit to bootcamp. Welcome Kak Zak|ah. ;-)

Kind of like what we did that day. Paired up with Eve|yn for the workout. (Great partner, froggie! :-p) We did relays of push up, plank, passing sand bags left and right, sit up, push and pull the rifle, and repeat the whole course again and again. Hate push ups, but love sit ups. Plank scratched my elbow (I don't know how that happen) and crunched my abs (I had to hold my stomach everytime I cough). I love it when it came to passing sand bags and the rifle thing, because we can rest a bit.. :-p.

I still have problem locking up my elbow for the push ups and bring myself up. But for sit ups, I think I can pull myself up better then the last time I did. Improving I think. I have love and hate relationship with plank. Love it because I can feel my abs muscle doing its work but hate it because it's so painful!

Survived Day 3! Yeay!

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