Wednesday, April 06, 2011

RBC - Session 13 and 14

Session 13: 07-03-2011

The starting of month number 2..

It was an easy session today.. Just doing some intervals of sit ups, kicks, scissors sit ups, and then run towards the basketball court - almost 100m back and forth (as they always say, it's the recovery run). Then come back, and do stutter squats, squats, jumping jack and run again. Next, push ups, grasshopper push ups, slide push ups and again, run..

Since bootcamp promotes working in a team, we had to make sure that all of us are at the same pace. During the running, if there's people left behind, we need to bounce back and get them. Push them harder so that they (we) can just ignore the pain and deal with it - finish that 1-hour session.

Macam tu lah perasaan aku tetiap hari yang ada bootcamp. Tetiap pagi mesti kecut perut fikir apa kena buat hari ni.. Datang awal tengok group 5:45 buat apa. Kalau nampak kon jauh-jauh, confirm ada berlari. Tapi tu lah, the fun part it, bila dah habis sejam tu, rasa puas hati sangat. Survive jugak akhirnya torture session ni... :-)

Session 14: 09-03-2011

Are we allowed to run on the overhead crossing? We did that 4-5 rounds I think.. That's the first half of the workout session. Up and down the stairs a few times, then run across (run and lunges) then run and up the stairs at the other end..

Bum bam bum bam kat atas tu. Selisih dengan parents dgn budak-budak sekolah yang nak pergi sekolah. Nasib baik pagi gelap, so takdelah rasanya orang dalam kereta nampak kitorg buat apa kat tepi jalan ni. rasa macam banduan terlepas/banduan tengah buat workout pun ada.. :-p

Then after 60 secs water break, we did variations of squats (pulse, stutter, sumo, etc) while waiting for turn to flip the truck tire and the sandbags and the push ups..

Oh and all together 30 grunts today because the new recruits walked - we're suppose to run all the time (run for water break, run to rank, etc), and also because someone came late and not wearing the t-shirts.. Well, we're a team, so tak kiralah sape buat salah, semua kena, OK? Hooyah! :-p

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