Thursday, March 03, 2011

RBC - Session 2


We had to do 20 grunts today because they said we're late. Were we..? Forgot to synchronize watches today. But that 20 grunts was easy.. (Yaa rite :-p)

Today was kind of fun because NO PUSH UPS!! Hooyah! But there was frog jump which me hatey! Then back crawl, which was OK. Time to relax a bit, :-p
Then the bear crawl, OMG! I was taking baby steps.. A 2-year old toddler can do better! Lunges, OK laaa..

Next station, with rifle. I saw that before in TBLA. It just look like a normal pipe when the instructors were showing us, but try lifting it up and use it for sit up. Hohoho. I can feel my biceps are growing and my abs muscles are forming a 6-pack (You wish! Hahaha) But seriously, I can really feel the muscles working!

Then come the sand bag. It's heavier but manageable. We did sit ups and lunges and squats with that. I need to make sure that in the next session I can keep my back straight. My back is not listening to what my brain said today.

Survived 2nd session and can't wait to proudly wear the RBC!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

RBC - Session 1

It was the dawn of 07-Feb-2011...

I sat at the school canteen for about 10 minutes. Telling myself, "I can do this". I was really worried that this boot camp will be very torturing..

The warming up session was OK. We just jog and stretch. So I thought, "OK.. This is not so bad.."

Then the exercise part. OMG! Push ups..?? Die! That's my first thought. I HAVE NEVER DONE ANY PUSH UP BEFORE! Last time I did was in 1994 in my PE class at school. I have no upper body strength! The instructors made it looks like it is soooo easy for them to lift up their body like that. Diorang ni urat besi ke apa..?

I admit that at one point, I feel like quitting, but seeing all the recruits are doing it and the instructors keep on giving us encouragement (not the one like in the military style, but in a very motivated way. They even did it with us - THANK YOU!). Finally I did it!! Push up, sit up, gorilla push up, jackknife, burpee (or grunts as they call it), frog jump, oh my..... Never in my life I see myself doing all this routines in 1 hour time! Seriously high intensity. Mintak nyawa...

After that 1 hour, I sat in the car for almost 20 minutes because my hands were shaking, and I was mentally and physically exhausted. Nak bawak kereta pun takut sebab memang betul-betul lemah But I survived!

My body is still aching now. I cannot even lift up a toothbrush (OK, that's exaggerating :-p) But, pain is only temporary, right? Another 36 sessions to go.. 

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Howling at the New Moon


I've been waiting for sooo long - feels like forever like everyday I go check for Nuffnang's announcement about this..
Courtesy of Tayangan Unggul, well, memang dah tau pun sebab
Malaysian Twilighters Nurul and Azlina pun ada organized mini unofficial screening, tp sayang laa.. lambat sangat kenal dgn diorg.. tau-tau je tiket dah sold out! uwaaa...

Actually ni first time ni participate dalam Nuffnang punya contest.. hahahaha

OK, what's the rule again..?
Write a blog post titled 'Howling at the New Moon' and share what do you like about the Twilight Saga.

What do I like about the Twilight Saga... ermm.. ni nak kena tulis macam tulis essay paper English macam SPM/1119 dulu ke..? Mati! Rojak entry boleh kan..?

Ermm.. Actually, I kind of late jugakla masa join the Edward Cullen clan or vampire cult ni.. Tak terlintas langsung nak gi tengok citer ni.. rasanya sebab release date dia dekat-dekat dgn my birthday kot masa tu.. dgn my convocation day..oh ada blog entry pasal ni.. Jap, nak check.. Twilight release kat M'sia 21 Nov.. 20 Nov my convocation.. pastu family datang semua, celebrate birthday 22 Nov.. langsung tak teringat pasal Edward Cullen ni.. bukak facebook pun asyik nampak semua orang duk tulis-tulis notes yang pasal "
Unconditionally & Irrevocably in love with the Twilight Saga".. pastu ada invitation utk join group "Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer", group "I am Absolutely In Love With Edward Cullen and The Twilight Series", banyaklah.. tp ignore je lah, sebab title citer tu Twilight! Cam ntah apa-apa punya title..

Awal tahun 2009, barulah terhegeh-hegeh nak tengok citer Twilight ni.. hahaha..tu pun dload kat torrent.. kekeke.. Then barulah realise.. apsal la diorg ni suka sgt dengan Twilight ni.. hensem rupanya mamat Edward ni.. hahaha.. Tengok sekali,OK.. pastu tetiba nak tengok lagi sekali..pastu tengok lagi.. memang addictedlah.. betul-betul macam "personal brand of heroin".. kalau tak dapat nak tgk mesti nak KENA tgk jugak bila ada masa...

Then cut the story short.. sebab dah addicted gile-gile kan, terus nak pergi beli semua buku Twilight Saga ni.. tak sabar nak baca sendiri part-part yg asyik duk baca org tulis notes kat facebook je..

Warning... spoiler alert to those yang tak baca buku / tanak tau storyline macam mana...

Dalam New Moon:
1. Part Edward tinggalkan Bella dalam hutan.. my world is not for you... uwaa sedih...

2. Part Bella terjun cliff.. bukan nak bunuh diri tp sebab nak rasa cemana rasa kalau dia boleh fly.. (penat Edward nasihatkan dia don't do anything reckless or stupid..) Memang dalam buku ni Bella cam lost aa.. jatuh moto, accident, etc...

3. Nak tau apsal ada org cakap Bella asyik lemah semangat je dalam New Moon.. - now I know, sebab dia asyik dengar suara Edward je..

4. Part Edward nak serah diri kat Volturi sebab dia ingat Bella dah mati, then dia pun nak mati sama..

5. Pastu nak tau apsal bila dah masuk part New Moon je, ada Team Jacob, Team Edward ni semua.. pastu baru paham, rupanya macho jugak si Jacob ni lepas Twilight - lepas dia dah jadi werewolf.. hehehe..

Dalam Eclipse:
1. Buku ni Victoria muncul... so, buku ni banyak citer werewolves.. sebab ada gaduh-gaduh vampire baik, vampire jahat dgn werewolves...

2. Haa.. part ni best sebab dalam buku ni Bella kiss Jacob.. hahaha.. so, Edward jeles dia still kena sama-sama satu team dgn werewolves pack ni to win the battle dgn newborn vampire..

3. So basically buku ni pasal werewolvesla.. dgn Bella punya feeling yg tak tetap..sekejap Edward, sekejap Jacob..pastu kiss Jacob, pastu cakap kita kawan je.. pastu bila Edward propose, setuju pulak dia nak jadi vampire.. haha.. tapi of courselah kan, ni citer Edward dgn Bella.. kesian Jacob..

Finally, Breaking Dawn:
1. Memula citer pasal Bella honeymoon dgn Edward... hahahahaha..part ni mmg kena baca sendiri lah! Lawak giler...haha

2. Then, I like it when Stephanie Meyer buat citer Jacob's point of view - Life sucks, and then you die... hahaha.. Chapters part Jacob best.. like
 - "Why Didn't I Just Walk Away? Oh Right, Because I'm an Idiot."
 - "The Two Things at the Very Top of My Things-I-Never-Want-To-Do List"
 - "You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude to Vampires"
 - "Too-Much-Information Alert"

Hahaha..  Lawakla.. Kebanyakanya tuju dekat Edward tu.. sebab Edward panggil dia Mongrel..ahahha, Jacob plak panggil Edward bloodsucker.. macam budak-budak je calling names ni.. cute.. haha
Tapi kesianla Jacob, dia macam, kesian kat Bella, marah kat Edward, tp kesian kat Bella sebab kalau dia tak suka Edward, Bella sedih sebab dua-dua Bella sayang, pastu kalau dia rapat dgn vampire clan, werewolves pack plak tak suka dia.. hahaha.. kesian Jacob.. tp dia ni baik laa..

3. Part masa Bella tgh pregnant tu paling tension baca.. macam boleh rasa sakit-sakit.. boleh imagine cemana sayangnya Edward kat Bella, Jacob pun sayang Bella sampai sanggup tinggalkan werewolves pack dia tu.. Bella plak sampai kena minum darah.. Then masa Edward nak transformkan Bella.. Pastu kena deal lagi dengan Volturi plak tu.. Hish!

Pendek kata Breaking Dawn lah yg paling mencabar sekali nak habiskan baca... Dengan tensionnya, macam - ish, cepatlaaa nak habis..apa jadi lepas tu, apa jadi lepas ni..

Tak sabar nak tengok semua Twilight installment ni.. Dulu masa diorg tak announce lagi pelakon, duk imagine, cemana la geng-geng werewolves pack ni, cemanala muka Jane, Demetri, Felix ni.. nak tengok Renesmee... mesti comelllll.... tp kalau nak tgk Renesmee, nanti kena terima hakikat lah, citer Twilight Saga dah habis... :-(

Takpe.. at least, buku-buku dia semua ada.. even buku Director's Notebook yang Catherine Hardwicke tu buat pun ada beli.. paling best.. Twilight/Cullen Crest accessories... Necklace dah ada.. Bracelet dah ada.. Ring dah ada.. Brooch pun dah ada... tunggu masa nak pakai pergi Premiere jee... Hahahaha...

*click each picture to go to the respective blog entry*

And, on another note of what do I like about the Twilight Saga, I gain new friendship.. ramai kawan baru.. friends with Sarah -
Etsy store owner yg design Twilight Theme jewelry, kawan dgn Nurul Cullen & Azlina - Twilighters Malaysia.. Mell - from Twilight Malaysia.. Hannan - from LY where I got my Rosalie necklace from.. Kak June Miller - from the US, where I asked for her help to get me Esme Bracelet (TQ Sis..) ramai lagilah yg tak termention.... :-)

with Nurul and Azlina...
Representing the Malaysian Twilighters to RPattz Fan Fest in Japan

OK dah... The End..

Fuh.. tak pernah-pernah buat entry panjang camni.. kekeke..


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Friday, November 06, 2009

entry campur-campur...

this is going to be an entry without pictures..

malas sebenarnya.. sejak rajin berfaceb00k, blog dah jadi sawang.. actually takde idea nak cerita. benda sama je hari-hari.. bangun pagi, pergi kelas, surf internet, pergi lab, revise soalan, makan, tido. tak interesting langsung!

kelas g*tar still on as usual every saturday. tp last week, hujan lebat, syok tidur.. tekan snooze 2-3-4 kali sampaikan last-last hp tu dah tak tersnooze, ntah apsal ntah.. so, terbangun lambat. call ya*aha cakap ada hal, bgtau cikgu s*even, hari ni tak dapat datang. supposedly hari tu kena ganti 1/2 hr yg dulu-dulu punya. ada 4 kelas kena ganti, total jadi 2 jam. so cikgu nak buat ganti 1/2 jam, 1/2 jam la.. esok kena call dulu tanya, kelas as usual ke, kena datang awal...

dah berapa hari teringin nak makan kar|pap |kea dgn ice-cream RM1 dia tu.. tapi asyik malas je nak keluar.. malas sebenarnya nak drive 30 min gi arah ke da*ansara tu.. isk, dulu macam best rasa dapat duduk sini sebab easy access to mall, |kea, tempat best-best lah.. tp sini pun ceruk jugak.. ceruk yg moden.. huhuh.. jauhla nak pergi mana-mana.. sort of macam middle of nowhere.. kekeke..

oh, tadi ada training pasa| nak buat s0alan 3xam.. semua c00rdinator kena attend, so pagi-pagi buta dah siap. since pagi tadi hujan lebat, w0rksh0p yg sepatutnya start kul 8:15 start kul 8:40.. masa sampai tu, ada 4 orang je yg datang.. out of 30 (rasanya).. ala, biasalah tu mana-mana...

then bila dah start buat w0rksh0p, kenala ada presentation.. one thing i noticed, masa si A ni present, memang kena hentam cukup-cukup.. semua dia buat salah.. padahal benda ni open discussion.. masing-masing bagi point of view.. tp takkkk dalam w0rksh0p ni.. akan ada sorang yg jadi event c0ntr0ller yg akan control semua orang.. akan ada org yg nak point dia je yang betul.. wajib terima, takleh reject.. i-know-it-all, aku-hidup-lagi-lama, aku-dah-buat-benda-ni-lama-dah punya type of people..
yang i noticed, bila org yg tak rapat dgn geng-geng dia kena sembur kaw-kaw (including myself lah, sebab asyik cari pasal je dgn mgmnt), tp to those yg jenis mengipas baik punya tu, amboi... semua benda dia buat betul.. wah..wah..wah..

ntahla.. ni kes berdebat antara 2 different things la ni.. technical stuff vs language stuff.. since org language ni lagi ramai, majority semua of courselah bias to that side kan.. tp if you don't know something about that thing, better keep ur mouth shut.. betul tak..? tak semestinya ko dah lama dalam bidang ni, ko tau semua area.. technicality aspect antara english paper takleh sama dgn paper computer ke, fizik ke, maths ke.. ada ke nak letak comprehension, computer term vocabulary test punya section dalam exam?? nak standardizekan something pun kenala tengok dia punya kesesuaian jugak.. bukan boleh main taram je.. st00pid pe0ple!

memang mgmt baru ni st00pid lah.. system lama nak ubah, konon nak move forward. tp kalau system tu bagus, kenapa nak tukar to a system yg much more complicated? almost semua orang tak faham system baru.. students pun dah start complaining.. what's with the introduction of Grade C-, D+ dgn D???? hish!!!

ok.. i rest my case..

*lega dah.....*

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Redha je....


Cuba compare ni...

dgn yang ni...

tu laa...

lain kali jangan excited lebih-lebih...

redha je...... uhuks.. :(

sape nak gi UK, belila tiket sekarang...


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Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's all L0nd0n, baby!


Here we go!!!!!!!







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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guest Giveaway!!


Here: Click*Click*Click

BellaBejeweled is offering 1 lucky person the chance to win a
$25.00 Gift Certificate !!!

BellaBejeweled creates beautiful and unique
Twilight inspired jewelry.



Bella, Twilight-Inspired Charm Bracelet, Dressy Vintage Brass


Alice Bracelet - Twilight Movie Inspired Jewelry


Bella Turquoise Bracelet,Twilight Movie Inspired Jewelry

Click * Click * Click


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Friday, July 10, 2009

Still in the Twi|ight mode

A few months ago - end of Apri| to be exact - as I was in the Twi|ight craze at that time (and still am), I had browsed the website for places where I can purchase Twi|ight merchandise. At that time, I have already own that Rosa|ie Neck|ace (by Ne*ca), purchased from a sweet se||er, Hannan, from LY*N. And also I had placed an order for Esme Brace|et - this one was through the ever wonderful Sis June-Mi||er - purchased through Amaz0n.c0m. And still not satisfied with that, I've ordered a few Twi|ight t-shirts also.

Thinking of getting more Twi|ight-related accessories, I've come across Et*sy - a place where you can get hand crafted, handmade stuffs (they range from beauty cosmetics to handmade bags and purses, needlecraft, woodwork, jewelry and many more). And after a few hours browsing, I've found Be||aBejewe|ed shop. Sarah - the owner - is very helpful. As this is my first time purchasing item from Et*sy, I asked a lot, I mean really loadsss of questions pertaining the shipping, the item itself and how to make payment, etc.. Thank you so much Sarah for your patience in bearing with my questions. You really help me a lot in deciding which one to buy and thanks again for that custom-made Twi|ight-crest brace|et.

After a month waiting, finally, on 10th June, I've received the parcel from Sarah. Was so excited that day.. Here's the package:

The items were individually wrapped, and enclosed in a green floral cloth casing - a free gift from her counterpart - Jennine Duda (ZippityDuda's Emporium of Fabric Delights) and Sarah also gave me a Strawberry flavored Laffy*Taffy and a very cute Be||aBejewe|ed magnet in green and also a button ring in pink!  I am very satisfied with the jewelry pieces. The ring suits me nicely - not too big, not too small. The brooch is slightly bigger than I expected, but it's very lovely and the bracelet, fits me perfectly  as well - gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Thank you so much Sarah. Check out her store on Et*sy! Click here (Twilight Inspired Jewelry for Every Occassion). Lots of Twi|ight inspired jewelries created and handcrafted by Sarah herself for you to choose from. She has Es*me Ring, Be||a Turqu0ise Brace|et that she wore in the movie, Renesmee's necklace, Rosa|ie's jewerly, A|ice's, Be||a's charm bracelet, Cu||en crest jewelry and many more! In addition to that, you can request her to custom made them according to your preferences and she offers lifetime quality guarantee. If any of the item breaks or normal wear and tear troubles, just contact her and she will replace or fix it for free!! How cool is that?!

Now I cant wait for November to come. Not only because it's my birthday month, but also I cant wait to wear my Rosalie's necklace, Es*me brace|et, Cu||en crest brooch, Cu||en crest ring and Cu||en crest brace|et to the Twi|ight's New M00n premiere.. Yeay!!

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Jalan-jalan makan angin...

Banyaknya benda nak update sebenarnya, tp malas nak mengarang ayat.

Trip to La*buan bulan lepas best! Shopping chocolate banyak-banyak, shopping brooch banyak-banyak, pastu makan chakoi kawen hari-hari.. Hahaha.. Budak yang jual chakoi tu pun agaknya dah kenal muka kitorang.. sekali pergi gerai dia, beli chakoi kawen RM10.. Haha.. Tak puas sebenarnya lepak 10 hari dgn budak-budak tu.. rasa nak stay je sana duduk goyang kaki sambil jaga bebudak ni, boleh makan chakoi kawen tiap-tiap hari.. Kekeke..

Kitorang pergi hari tu naik M*AS.. beli tiket lewat, dapatla sorang RM200. Tapi memang puas hatilah dapat naik M*AS.. Makan memang best! Since kitorg naik flight pagi, dapatla merasa breakfast kat atas awan.. Meal kitorg: sausage, hash brown dgn scramble eggs, ada buah, tp canned fruits la. Then air yogurt nestle, dengan bun + butter + jam, dan choc ferrar0 r0cher 3 bijik. Lepas makan, tetiba diorang datang kasi aiskrim plak.. Baskin*Robbins.. kebetulan memang tengah mengidam nak makan B*R, tetiba dapat plak makan dalam flight..  Rezeki.. Alhamdulillah..

Sampai je kat airport La*buan, bebudak ni dah tunggu dah. Abg L0ng cam biasa, dia emotional terlebih, so dia senyap je tengok kitorg..  Si adik tu plak, lain giler tengok compared to awal tahun masa gi sana dulu.. dengan rambut dah panjang, pastu muka bulat, tp badan kurus, nampak comot lak tu. Dia pun sama jugak, senyap je tengok kitorg.. Memula jual mahal, taknak ngan kitorg, pastu baru start nak rapat-rapat.. Panas engine dulu.. Kekeke.. Tak sudah-sudah bebudak ni nak bermesra dgn T0k Ay0h diorang.. Oooh.. si Nasi*hin ni kerek giler.. Dengan semua orang OK je, bila time kita nak pegang dia, siap tepis-tepis lagi.. Cheh! Nak gi dgn H*a dgn Ab*ah jer.. Ad*k ngan m0k pun dia cam nak tanak jer.. Tp diorg ni pandai.. bila orang dah siap nak keluar, pakai tudung semua, startle nak ngendeng-ngendeng.. cheh!

Kat La*buan, tak sah kalau tak shopping mutiara. Hahaha. Mak siap beli dekat RM1000 kot.. ada yang orang kirim, ada yang dia nak jual. H*a dgn Ad*ik pun beli banyak jugak brace|et. Adala jugak beli sikit-sikit utk h0usemates.. beli brace|et krista| dgn mutiara, pastu adala beli 5-6 set br00ch utk pakai sendiri.. Pastu beli ikan bilis dgn udang kering sikit.. Then gi shopping cekelat. Borong Kit*Kat banyak!!!! Dengan Ferrar0*R0cher, cekelat Rit*ter Sp0rt, T0ggi, Tw*ix, banyak laaaaa..  Huhuhu.. Bestla duk sana! Ch0c0late heaven!

Pastu adala jugak gi Jalan-jalan kat Kam*pung A*ir tu.. Amik-amik gambar je, tak pergi pun dekat rumah diorang.. Ada jugak pergi cari kain dekat Bru*nei.. Day trip je pun.. Kali ni pergi tempat-tempat besar.. pergi Ma|| dia dekat Gad0ng, pastu pergi dekat bazaar (apa ntah nama dia - cam building banyak-banyak jual macam-macam..) Beli banyak jugak kain.. lawa-lawa! Rambang mata! Pastu singgah makan nachos cheese dgn mini*melts kat foodc0urt The Ma|| tu.. Nak balik, singgah sat kat Bandar S*ri B*gawan, cari kain B$5.. Hahaha.. Best kali ni, sebab naik teksi murah.. Baik pakcik ni.. siap jadi personal driver/tourist guide lagi.. nak gi mana-mana call je, nanti dia datang amik.. nak minta suruh tunggu pun takpe. Sayang dulu pergi dgn mak/abah dulu tak jumpa pakcik ni, kesian mak/abah, penat jalan jauh-jauh dulu. Takpe.. nanti mesti ada next time lagi.. Insya Allah! Murah rezeki, panjang umur mak/abah, leh gi jalan-jalan lagi..

Kitorg amik A*rAs*a masa nak balik.. takde delay pun.. Alhamdulillah, semua OK.. Trip kali ni best skit sebab ni first time semua dapat kumpul ramai-ramai.. Cam family reunion kitorang lah! Kalau tak, susah nak gather ramai-ramai.. semua cuti tak serentak..

Ni sekarang bebudak ni dah balik Ke|antan.. nak dapat adik baru dah.. tu yang dihantar balik tuh.. Tak sabar nak balik kampung awal bulan 8 ni jumpa diorang lg.. :D

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dapat 2 lagi parce|s..

Semalam pergi Admin Office nak amik signature Bos.. Claim M*CP bulan Mac hari tu belum settle lagi. Tapi Bos plak takde. Pelik jugak, sebab sepatutnya minggu ni dia ada kat sini sebab minggu ni ada M*CP M*Uni.. Susah jugak nak jumpa Bos ni sejak ada 2 campus, so kadang-kadang dia ada kat sini, kadang-kadang dia ada kat sana.. Tapi itulah, kitorang kat sini pun f|exihour, seminggu tak nampak muka masing-masing tu kira normal la tu. Call Admin tadi, dia kata Bos tinggalkan laptop dia kat dalam office dia tu, so, ada kemungkinan dia akan ada kat sini lah. Erm.. bila pulak nak pergi mengadap mintak signature ni... Tadi baru apply E*L untuk esok, nak berjimba-jimba sikit dgn h0usemates.. Hehe

Oh, semalam jugak ada exam.. Singgah sekejap kat venue, nak check macam mana keadaan budak-budak ni. Cadangnya malas nak stay lama-lama sebab bebudak ni,bila dah nampak muka kita kat situ, startla nak tanya-tanya..Ch*ef
|nvigi|ator pun dah pandang semacam dah... So, singgah la kejap dalam pukul 2:45 camtu.. exam start kul 2:30. Sampai je kat venue, kecoh tetiba.. C*I confiscate calcu|ator bebudak ni sebab diorg pakai jenis yg kena ban masuk exam. Aiyoo.. kecoh la jugak kejap. Ye la, paper kira-kira.. Kalau takde calcu|ator, macam mana nak jawab, ye tak? So, settlekan dengan C*I tu, cakap kitorg punya request utk benarkan semua jenis calcu|ator masuk exam dah diapprove oleh senate.. So, sepatutnya no problem lah. Tapi C*I ni plak kata, Exam Un*t tak bagitau diorang pun special request ni.. Hish! Ni mesti E*RU tak update information ni.. Kecoh la jugak kejap, sampaikan Depu*y Diret0r call, pastu call sorang lagi D*D.. pastu try call E*RU, tak angkat-angkat plak.. Pastu suruh je C*I tu bagi balik calcu|ator dekat students.. apa-apa jadi, tanya Bos F0S*E ek..

So, start dari semalam, pulun la menanda 95+5 exm scripts... Ni dah separuh dah siap... lagi lebih kurang 50 scripts to go..


Dan hari ni jugak dapat lagi 2 parcels.. 1 tu sepatutnya dah lama sampai tapi lost in space la plak.. Tension! Tapi last-last dapat jugal P0m Crush Sti|a ni.. Order dgn
Miu.. sort of macam personal shopper lah gitu.. Kekeke.. Sebab kan Sti|a sekarang ada clearance. Memang tgh mencari Cherry Crush, nasib baik jumpa blog Miu. She helped me to get this from the Sti|a clearance sale.. Huhu! Thanks Miu!

Pastu ni plak, final purchase untuk bulan 5 ni.. Hehe.. Kena stop dah this kind of addiction. Macam senang je click-click-click.. sedar tak sedar, account susut.. huhuhu.. Ni pulak dapat dari
Ziela.. Selendang S*ti, kaler cream dgn pink.. lawaa...

Ok.. dah, cukup...
Sambung marking.....
Last, tunggu 1 lagi parcel dari E*tsy plak..


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Hold Your Hand

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