Entry: RBC - Session 3 Friday, March 04, 2011


Brought a new recruit to bootcamp. Welcome Kak Zak|ah. ;-)

Kind of like what we did that day. Paired up with Eve|yn for the workout. (Great partner, froggie! :-p) We did relays of push up, plank, passing sand bags left and right, sit up, push and pull the rifle, and repeat the whole course again and again. Hate push ups, but love sit ups. Plank scratched my elbow (I don't know how that happen) and crunched my abs (I had to hold my stomach everytime I cough). I love it when it came to passing sand bags and the rifle thing, because we can rest a bit.. :-p.

I still have problem locking up my elbow for the push ups and bring myself up. But for sit ups, I think I can pull myself up better then the last time I did. Improving I think. I have love and hate relationship with plank. Love it because I can feel my abs muscle doing its work but hate it because it's so painful!

Survived Day 3! Yeay!


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