Entry: RBC - Session 4 Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's Va|entine's Day. But what did we do..? Benchmark!!

What is benchmark? Well, basically it includes 2 sets of timed session that we have to do to check our fitness level. In the first set, this is what we have to do:


1. 2 rounds of 200m
2. 10 push ups (15 if you're doing it on your knees)
3. 10 grunts
4. 15 sit ups (20 if at any point, the Staff or Sarge need to hold your feet or assist you)

Repeat this 3 times.


Second set is to run 8 rounds of 200m = 1.6km.

As much as I love running, I hate it when it has to be done in a muddy wet field! And with intervals of push ups, sit ups and grunts. Urgh!! Out of breath! Just for the record, I did around 16 min 47 sec (I think) for the first part and for the 1.6km run I made it at 15 min 42 sec (I think) *I'll check with the Staff later but approximately around that lah*

Hope it'll improve in the second benchmark test. H00yah!


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