Entry: RBC - Session 5 Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We're divided into 4 teams today. I had fun with my team (Kak Zak|ah and P3ter). Great job guys! (Although I hope that they didn't sprint because I still need to catch up with my breathing. :-p)

We had relays of run-push ups-run-push ups, sit ups, and rest. I think I can feel my stamina is getting better. I don't normally run that fast, but I think I did well in this session. Again, sit ups are OK. I love sit ups. But still struggling with push ups. It needs upper body strength.

They showed us 2 different pose that we can do. The normal one with the toes and the modified one with the knees. Did the modified one but I'm not really satisfied with what I did. It's sooo hard to bring myself up. My arms were shivering. Why is it so hard!! Must.Try.Harder. I know I can do it.

So this is my mission.

After 3 months, I should must make sure I can do normal push ups. Biceps, please try. Brain, please block any negative thoughts. You can do this!


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I love sit ups. But still struggling with push ups. It needs upper body strength?

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