Entry: RBC - Session 8 Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So today we did variations of push ups, grunts, sit ups with sandbags. Every time after we finished the repetition (we did 6 repetitions each) we had to run around the field, which is around 200m.

I've been pushed so hard today by Sarge and the Corporals. Sarge Jas0n actually timed my runnings every single lap and he expected me to be better in the next lap. They really pushed me! He even said that I ran so slow that it looked like I was in my comfort zone! I did not! My legs were like jelly! Imagine doing push ups, grunts and sit ups and up you go, straight away run like crazy. Can you imagine yourself doing that??

Well, in Rebel, we have no choice but have to keep pushing ourselves. And you know what? I didn't know my strength that I managed to run 200m in 1min and 18secs STRAIGHT AWAY AFTER a series of 6 push ups and 6 sit ups WITH sandbag!

That's how powerful RBC is! It helps you to tune your mind. Instead of thinking, "No, I can't", "No, I'm in pain", "I cannot do this anymore", tune this thoughts into, "Yes, I can!", "Pain is just temporary. It'll go away after this", "Prove to yourself that you're not a jelly", "Try harder".

Believe me. It's all in your mind..


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