Entry: RBC - Session 9 Monday, March 28, 2011


It's Bring-A-Friend day today.. Asked a few friends but as after they know what I always do in bootcamp, straight away it's a "no-no" from them. How disappointing.. :-(

But the night before bootcamp, T|ni messaged me in FB saying that she's interested. Finally! I've a friend to bring with me. Hehe..

So, today we did 10 variations of exercise. I think it's not really that challenging because there're new people and they're not used to high intensity training. The set includes:

1. Squat halfway on the truck tire (then after a few sets of this, we did push up with toes on the tire)
2. Jumping jack
3. Push up
4. Sit up
5. Squat with sandbag
6. Push and pull with riffle (it's a chest and shoulder press workout)
7. Shoulder press with jerry can half-filled with water.
8. Run back and forth (I think almost 50m) while carrying bazooka (big water pipe) filled with water. And it's not stable, so I was really struggling with it.
9. Plank
10. Flip truck tire

And repeat this until time's up..

They put one friend in each group. So there're 9-10 groups and I was with Kama| and Eugine (Pet3r's son). Surprisingly he did really well despite he's new to this. Probably because he's still young with lots of energy and he plays football.. Kama| as usual - lots of drama. But he did well with tire. I guess, it's his favorite.


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