Entry: RBC - Session 10 Sunday, April 03, 2011


Survived Monday!

We did relays of squat, deep squat and run. Then jackknife and sit up and run. Then push up, table top and run again. Then squat, jumping jack and run. Last one is mountain climbing, grunt and the final run. Repeat this a few times for almost 50 minutes until you hear the word, "Steady!" It feels like forever!

The running was actually around the field, so it was 200m running. Crazy! And they called it "recovery run". How is it recovering? I don't know. Legs felt like jelly, but I kept on telling myself, "I can do this!". I looked at Suaran and gosh this woman, she's older than I am but she can run so steadily. Seriously malu kalau tak dapat catch up with her.

The first one was the hardest because it involved squatting. Thighs were sooo tired. They actually harden! Then straight away after that, they asked you to run. Urgh, the pain!! The second one - jackknife and sit up, were OK. For me, this would be my recovery - because of the sit up. I did better in my push ups now, so not really a problem if I had to run after that because push ups focus on the upper body. If they asked me to do squat and jumping jack ONLY, that would not be a problem, BUT when you had to run after that, urgh! And the fifth one, erm.. I think I love grunts now... Because we do that almost in every session. :-p

Can't believe that it's been almost 1 month already.. So proud.. ;-)


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