Entry: RBC - Session 11 and 12 Monday, April 04, 2011

Session 11: 02-03-2011

We had 2 sets of workout today.

The first one we started with 30 push ups, then run for 100m. Then straight away 30 grunts, then run again. Then 30 sit ups, then run again. Repeat that until Sarge said, "Steady!". And water break for 2 minute..

Next, 30 gorilla push ups, run. 30 squats, run. 30 monk sit ups, run. Repeat sampai lembik until "Steady!"

Seriously I hate running on the field. It's more tiring because of the uneven surface and because the legs were already like jelly after the grunts and everything. I still couldn't figure out why they call it as recovery run. I couldn't even feel my legs after that.


Session 12: 04-03-2011

We had 4 stations today.

First station: 10 superman get ups, 10 sit up stand ups, then run to the second station (around 50m of running)

Second station: One big leap, then bear crawl for 20m, frog jump for 20m, leopard crawl for 20m, then run to the third station.

Third station: Run to get 2 sand bags around 50m away from the base station and run back to the base with the sandbags. Put the sandbags down and run to the forth station.

Forth station: Run a few steps and do 2 push ups, run again and another 2 push ups and again run with 2 push ups. (After 3 rounds, they changed to sit ups for another 3 rounds, and then lunges).

And repeat........

Tiring man! Urgh! But we survived and couldn't wait to come back for some more.. :-p


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