Entry: RBC - Session 15 and 16 Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Session 15: 11-03-2011

It's the second month benchmark day. How well did I do..? Well, managed to reduce my time to 13 mins and 56 secs for the first part and 13 mins and 45 secs for the 1.6km run. Not bad... Not bad... ;-)

Session 16: 14-03-2011

It's raining drizzly when we arrived at the field. So, mud spa day it is.. We're divided into our group today based from the benchmark result and I'm in Sea|! H00yah! ;-)

So, there were 3 stations today.
The first one involved sandbags. We did push up, mountatin climbing and chest press (hold the sandbag in front of you and pull it up to your chin). We did 6 reps each.
Next station, composition/progression of superman get ups/run. First round was one superman get ups and run, next increase to 2 superman get ups and run, then increase some more until 5 superman get ups then back to 4, then to 3 and so on.. Then change to grunts/run. Repeat the same thing... Team up with Azah and Cherri3..
Next station involved rifle. We held it on top of the head and do the and knee down and up, run for 5 steps (the mark is when we reached the cone - there're 5 cones all together) and repeat. Next change to sit ups with the rifle. Repeat the same thing.


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